Discover what is behind a lead capture platform and how it can benefit your business at the next trade show.

What is a lead capture platform and how can it help you at trade shows?

Getting leads is one of the main reasons companies attend trade shows. Yet far too often, thousands are spent on polishing the booth or producing shiny promotional roll-ups, forgetting to invest in what matters most – lead capture.

More leads transform into more clients, making trade shows a lucrative investment for your company. This is why lead management at trade shows should not be an afterthought.

While most companies still rely on traditional means of lead capture, such as a good old pen & paper or a rented business card scanner, solutions such as all-in-one lead capture platforms have been steadily gaining popularity. And for a good reason.

What is a lead capture platform?

In its essence, a lead capture platform captures and handles your leads. It is a dedicated solution to secure and qualify leads at trade shows or other events.

Lead capture platforms eliminate the necessity to enter booth visitor data manually and, depending on which solution you decide to go with, can help you share sales material, do lead scoring, reporting, or measure event ROI.

Let’s take a closer look at how a lead capture platform can help you succeed at trade shows.

Capture and manage leads in one place

Having one solution for all lead management prevents you from jumping around from one platform to another. A lead capture platform enables you to collect leads by scanning business cards, QR, or barcodes.

You no longer need to collect business cards, transcribe them into spreadsheets, and re-enter them into CRM. From the moment of scanning, all leads will be there in one platform for you to qualify and nurture. Plus, a good lead capture platform will easily integrate with your CRM through an API, and all the leads you collect during the trade show will end up on your CRM the moment you enter them.

Save time and money

If you have your own lead capture platform, you no longer need to rent out expensive old-school hand scanners at trade shows. A typical business card or hand scanner at a big trade show can cost up to $100, and that is just one device for one person. What if you have a large team of 15?

No event is the same. Trade show organizers each use different tools and have their chosen scanners. Eliminating the need to rent yet another business card scanner also helps reduce the time and resources spent learning how to use it.

With your own lead capture platform, you also automate many error-prone processes you would otherwise handle manually. No more confusion over mistyped names or incorrect data entered.

Dive into our 5 do’s and don’ts right here to boost your lead capture at your next event.

Take action on the spot: ask questions and send sales material

Quick follow-up in business is crucial, especially today, with competition as fierce as it is. And your competitor likely sits just around the corner from your booth.


The majority of trade show guests will end up buying from the first or second company that follows up with them. So stand out by taking action on the spot. An intelligent lead capture platform is an excellent tool to share sales material, send a customized email, or schedule a meeting with potential leads right away, not a week or two later.

With a lead capture platform, you can also ask questions to qualify your leads. This helps determine what buying stage your lead is in, what challenges they are facing, or which one of your products would be the best fit for them.

Evaluate your trade show performance in real-time

Just imagine: you are sitting in your office in Copenhagen or Los Angeles, but you can see how your team is doing at a trade show in Austin, Texas, in real-time. A lead capture platform, such as Fairkey, collects and stores data through the backend in your CRM instantly, allowing you to check how many and what leads are collected by the hour.

You can even compare one trade show performance to another and see which event has the most significant ROI. All current and past events are in one place for you to analyze and draw conclusions for future success.We’ve gathered 8 ways to get more (and better) leads at trade shows; check them out right here.

Your ultimate expo sales box

Consider a lead capture platform your ultimate expo sales box that allows you to scan leads, create meetings, send sales material, write notes, and much more. Everything you would normally do after the trade show, the platform enables you to do during. 

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