6 features of Fairkey

The 6 features of the Fairkey lead capture platform you need to know

Back from another trade show with barely any promising leads? We know the struggle. But we also know that you can turn your event performance around with an all-in-one lead capture solution. Fairkey can help you transform pitches into conversations and leads into sales.

Fairkey comes equipped with many top-notch features to boost your trade show ROI. This blog post will dive deeper into 6 Fairkey features that will transform your lead management and sales.

1. Scan business cards in 28 languages

Barcode? QR code? A badge or a business card? Whichever way you need to gather contact details, Fairkey can do it. The platform supports 28 languages, so no matter the language of the business cards, you will be able to scan contact details and share them with your CRM instantly.

Fairkey partnered up with many international badge providers for even more event flexibility. Your team can have and benefit from the same familiar tool at every trade show – no need to rent yet another scanning device or collect business cards in a fishbowl.

2. Search and connect on LinkedIn

Your booth guest does not have a badge or a business card? Search and automatically connect on LinkedIn. Your sales reps will be able to reach out and continue conversations with potential leads after the event. No more contacts lost.

Collected contact data can then be transferred to your CRM or marketing automation system for more structure and better access.

3. Connect to CRM for instant lead sharing

Gone are the days of finely scribbled, colorful paper brochures. Considering that most booth interactions last minutes, you want your sales reps to be as productive as possible. They need to collect contact details, arrange meetings or share sales material under intense time constraints.

With Fairkey, you can easily upload and share sales material on the spot. Give your leads what they need straight away – share relevant sales material digitally while talking to prospects. Much better than leaflets that are likely to end up in the nearest trash bin and less harmful to the environment.

4. Create and schedule meetings on the spot

Everything you would normally do after the trade show, Fairkey enables you to do during. For a good reason: 81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority. With that many potential clients, speed and efficiency are key. Those to engage first, arrange meetings and follow up will win the most leads.

And since the booth is where all the magic happens, you need to be fully present, figure out what the prospect needs, and give it to them. Is it a quick meeting to discuss your products or services next Thursday? Easily schedule meetings using the Fairkey app – they will be automatically placed in your company calendar through CRM.

5. Easily integrate with CRM or marketing automation system

Easily integrate Fairkey with whatever system you work with to nurture your leads, be it Salesforce or HubSpot. We are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant to safeguard your data flows. Rest assured, Fairkey can handle large volumes of data, so all your captured leads, planned meetings, and sales material are stored securely in your CRM or another system.

Our APIs seamlessly sync new leads, contacts, booked meetings, and other data with your system. So your team can schedule meetings and retrieve sales material when necessary.

6. Access live event data through the dashboard

Thanks to Fairkey, you no longer need to guess your trade show ROI – it is right in front of you on an advanced dashboard. Imagine sitting at your headquarters in Copenhagen while witnessing your team’s success at a trade show in Berlin in real-time.

Fairkey collects and stores data through the backend in your CRM instantly, allowing you to check how many and what leads are collected hourly. View analytics covering any event your company has attended, compare lead capture success, the number of scheduled meetings or sent materials, or other KPIs to improve future events. Use these insights to evaluate performance and see which event had the most significant ROI.

Turn leads into sales with Fairkey

Attend the next trade show with complete confidence to achieve excellent results. Optimize your lead management to secure more sales and increase revenue. Automate your lead capture processes, and make your team and clients happy with Fairkey. 

Ready to rock that next event?

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