Single event pricing

Get maximum Leads captured on the trade show or event you planned.

Participating in one or several events – doesn’t matter. You shall have the best lead capture solution with you. We understand you and have therefore a special unique single event solution for you.

Order it now and activate your fairkey when you setup the event and it will be active 30 days ahead. No loss of data. All the captured lead contact data from the event is accessible for 12 months.
So, we got you covered.

Choose how many licenses you need

- +
5 10


When you just need the contact details


Licence TOTAL $190.00 *

single purchase


** Available where fairkey has badge providers or venue partnership

*Actual price may vary. Prices displayed are estimates based on current exchange rates. Exact amount charged will vary and depends on the exchange rate at the time of payment processing. Prices displayed exclude any applicable taxes/VAT and fees, which will be added to the cost of all services purchased. For exact base pricing please refer to prices listed in USD.


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