How to maximixe your tradeshow ROI

How to maximize your trade show ROI with the Fairkey lead capture platform

Trade shows are a good revenue boost for B2B companies as they help fill up sales pipelines with leads. At the same time, participating in trade shows is costly. So, to put it bluntly: how to make sure these events pay off?

Since leads that turn into sales are the best way to improve ROI, you want to ensure an efficient lead capture process: both in terms of how you collect leads and what you do with them after the event.

You can get your money’s worth with Fairkey. Consider it your ultimate expo sales box that lets you collect leads, create meetings, send sales material, and much more right there on the spot. Read on to find out how Fairkey can help you maximize your event ROI.

Collect and qualify more leads

Fairkey is an all-in-one lead capture platform. The team managing your booth can quickly and efficiently collect leads through the app. Fairkey makes it easier to ask questions, collect valuable information, book meetings or send sales material.

It’s all about providing what your leads need and showing you’re on top of taking care of them. At the end of the day, how you treat them at the booth is a good hint of how you would treat them as a client.

With Fairkey, you can easily scan and collect information from business cards, barcodes, or QR codes, send sales material and book meetings on the spot. Create surveys and competitions and search and connect on LinkedIn as well. 

The platform also enables you to qualify leads in the app based on their sales-readiness. Thanks to our intuitive tool, your team will be able to collect more (and better) leads. And well, more leads – more sales – more ROI.

Follow up immediately

If there is one thing that can help you maximize trade show ROI is following up with your leads as soon as possible. Most companies will make a deal with whoever reaches out first, so you cannot afford to wait around.

Reach out to your leads right away using Fairkey. The best timing is soon after the event. Using Fairkey’s lead capture platform, you can create and send personalized, informative follow-up emails.

By following up as soon as possible, you differentiate yourself from all the other sales emails trade show visitors will receive a few days after the event. Qualifying the leads within the app will also enable you to craft messages adapted to where your leads are in the buyer’s journey.

Connect to CRM for instant lead sharing

You can easily integrate Fairkey into your CRM or marketing automation system to ensure instant data workflow. The platform is equipped to handle large volumes of data, so all your leads and other information will be collected and shared with your chosen system swiftly and securely.

Plus, the integration enables your team to schedule meetings and retrieve sales material when needed. Thanks to our seamless APIs, you can easily sync new leads, contacts, booked meetings and sent sales material with your system.

Fairkey collects and stores data through the backend in your CRM instantly, allowing you to check how many and what leads are collected by the hour. Should anything go off the rails – you will be able to react promptly and apply any necessary changes, thereby possibly improving event ROI.

Data privacy concerns? We are GDPR and CCPA compliant to ensure your company’s data is properly safeguarded.

Compare each event for future success

You cannot improve your event ROI if you don’t track it. Fairkey transfers any data you collect at trade shows from the app to the backend, where you can see all the stats in real-time on the dashboard. This will allow you to compare each event and measure ROI.

Fairkey provides you with all the data you might need to assess event performance and track activity across your entire event portfolio. You will know which trade shows generate the most leads and which teams have the best sales performance, and will be able to optimize event strategies.

Compare one trade show performance to another and see which event had the most significant ROI. Thanks to Fairkey, all current and past events are in one place for you to analyze and draw conclusions for future success.

Ready to boost your trade show performance with Fairkey?

Customized surveys to qualify leads, sharing sales material on the spot, connecting on LinkedIn, scheduling meetings, advanced dashboard reporting, and fast follow-up are all possible in one lead capture solution, available to you in 28 languages, both online and offline.

If you want a universal tool to help you manage leads with more efficiency, track and improve trade show ROI – Fairkey is for you. Make trade show investments worth your while:

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