We are driven by an ambition to turn leads into customers and pitches into conversations.

Our story

Companies spend millions on attending tradeshows around the globe and still very few companies know the ROI of the exhibition, or how to utilize all the new contacts and leads they’ve collected. We have been on multiple exhibitions, fairs, tradeshows, Expo’s, venues etc. and the pattern is the same everywhere. Huge amount of exchange of business cards, lots of hand-out material, stack of leads, lots of talking, smiling and pitching and only very few of these activities end up with new customers. 
Did you know that 83% of ready-to-buy attendees on exhibitions buy from one of the first 1-2 companies that reacts.
We left our well-paid sales and marketing jobs, because we wanted to change how we get new customers at fairs and exhibitions. We knew this could be done in a smarter and more efficient way. So we made FairKey.

We believe it is possible to have all pro-active sales activities in one easy place throughout the exhibition and we want to make it possible to turn lead into customers on the spot – and we believe that Fairkey is the future of effective tradeshows.

Now we can help you build attendance, maximize the revenue and engage your audience.


We know how difficult it is to calculate the exhibitions return of investment (est. 64% of exhibitor companies finds it troublesome)


Approx. 71% of buying-ready customers want sales material as fast as possible, and we made this easy.


We know how many exhibitors wait until after the tradeshow to follow-up, which is a huge mistake and waste of potential.