3 reasons why digital lead capture can revolutionize your sales

3 reasons why digital lead capture can revolutionize your sales

Companies spend a lot of time and money preparing for trade shows, fairs, and conferences. Effective lead capture is often the last item in their preparation list. Even though getting leads is usually the main reason to attend these events in the first place.

It’s why we still see old-school pen & paper with a fishbowl for business cards at trade shows. Such outdated ways to gather contact information mean lots of hours spent on manual entry and less on engaging with prospects. A different solution is needed.

This is where digital lead capture comes in.

Most trade show visitors are buying-ready

By using simplified and time-saving processes, a dedicated digital lead capture platform completely transforms how companies secure and handle leads at trade shows.

83% of trade show guests are buying-ready and will go with one of the first companies that reach out to them. With a digital lead capture platform, you can send sales material right there on the spot, use email templates for customized correspondence, create surveys to get more information, qualify leads, and more.

Below you’ll find 3 key reasons why you should invest in a dedicated digital lead capture platform.

1. A clear strategy to capture quality leads

Not all leads want the same level of attention. A digital lead capture platform works as a tool to help you identify and qualify leads with the most potential because some are ready to schedule a meeting for a demo and some will only have the budget next quarter. 

Your competitors are probably at the same trade show – you want to stand out from your competition with speedy delivery and communication with those readiest to buy.

2. Provide your sales staff with the right tools for the job

Classic business card scanners or various event apps offered for rental by the organizers can, at first sight, be a good way to gather leads.

But learning how to use a different device at each trade show takes a lot of precious time and energy: your salespeople need to be trained and onboarded. 

Plus, typical trade show scanners do one thing well – scan. They do not help with emailing potential leads and do not integrate with your CRM for easier lead management.

Having a digital lead capture platform in place helps turn your sales team’s smartphones into a lead capture system. This will enable them to quickly capture prospects’ contact info, note key details and follow up on the spot with sales material and personal emails.

3. Connect your trade show activities to your CRM system

Having your own digital lead capture platform, whether you are attending 3 or 25 trade shows a year, can make a big difference. See it as an all-in-one lead capture toolbox that will change the way you secure leads, digitize the whole process, save you time and money, and revolutionize your sales.

You can integrate your lead capture platform directly to your CRM platform. This will enable you to track your trade show activities in real-time, compare one event to another and improve in the process.


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